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Welcome to Atanian Art Center



I am proud that my colleagues and I were able to found this serious art organization where over 2500 students have attended in the past twenty years.


The most important mission of Atanian Art Center is to give children an overall artistic education, to teach the various techniques involved in different media such as:  pencils, watercolors, tempera, ink, gouache and clay, as well as to help our students create within the boundaries of the genres and materials they prefer, while preserving their own creative identities.  We provide all necessary conditions for high quality tutorship of all those subjects and specialties. 


Our second mission is to help those who are willing to continue their education in a particular artistic genre.  There are specific courses designed to help those students who wish to compile a portfolio required for the admission process at higher education institutions.


At Atanian there is artistic and creative freedom.  There are many forms of art in the world that provide new perspectives for our students.  This is why the children, after receiving general aesthetic education, look at wider perspectives in order to develop their skills in their beloved genre or specialty.  The high professional qualities of our teachers and counselors provide the successful realization of that program.  The best proof is in those graduates of our center, who continue their education at the best colleges and universities in the US.  


During my 50 years of teaching I have brought up and educated two generations of artists in Armenia.  Now, in Los Angeles I continue preparing a third generation:  and that makes me feel proud indeed.  Our children love our art center and they consider it to be their own:  and that is the key to our success.   I would like to say, “You, dear students, are blossoming, spreading new colors and tones throughout the universe. You are creating a new world in your paintings while we, the teachers, are helping your dreams to become colorful and clear, and our spiritual world to be built powerful and unique.”


 Vladimir Atanian


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