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The constant desire to express the feelings, while Vladimir Atanyan is an artist of emotionally inspiring emotions and moods, makes him look for new artistic expressions and composite spatial landmarks.
He is concerned about the problems of human health in the modern world, the ability to go beyond the limits of his own content is another proof that talent and flexible creativity enable the artist to refresh the technique, which is now a combination of his two preferences, painting and ceramics.

Marina Stepanyan, art critic
Producer of "Vladimir Atanyan" catalog, 1991

The tune with Vladimir Atanyan's works brings a real aesthetic pleasure. You feel a great gratitude to the artist for the wonderful world he openly opens to us in front of us.

Valentina Lenskaya,
Kaliningrad historical and art museum
Senior researcher, art critic, 1988, Kaliningrad

One of the most prominent figures of Armenian contemporary art is Vladimir Atanyan. He has creative personality, his unique world of color, his material, and the subject of thematic coverage.

Razmik Madoyan, Professor, Art critic
"New Day" newspaper article, September 18, 1996, Los Angeles

Through fate, people have moved to different countries, including artists, for permanent residence. Vladimir Atanyan is one of them. In Armenia he was a well-known artist who created a number of wonderful works. Now he lives in the United States and in a very short period of time he continues to maintain his dignity and human quality without ever helping to build his own unique art world by creating exceptional works of art.

Henrik Igityan, renowned art critic,
Founder of the Yerevan Modern Art Museum Los Angeles, 1997

Atanian's affairs are now more than ever seen by us as responsible and dignified.
In his paintings, Atanian is extensively delivering a world-renowned artist, "The Visitor's Light Reflections 1998 Exhibition." Although his love and pride toward his homeland is great, Atanian is, first of all, Byron "a citizen of the world".

Richard Nathan is a renowned art critic,
Doctor of Philosophy at Oxford University,
Producer of the book "Vladimir Atanyan's Life and Art"

December 2009, Santa Barbara, California

Vladimir Atanyan was one of the leaders in Armenia's sculpture and painting. He is the author of the best- known and favorite fountains in Yerevan. His elegant charming style comes straight from cubism, which best serves both in stone engravings, in bronze sculptures, and in small ceramic and bronze compositions.

Peter Frank, American famous art critic,
Glossary of Glendale, Forrest Laun Museum, Ararat to America, catalog of the Armenian Genocide, 2003

Atanyan's works are multifaceted and do not stop capturing the viewer with their sudden and wonderful expressions.
The master makes the viewer to fall in love with what he likes and depicts. In the crossroads of the two worlds, Atanyan keeps on revealing the beauty lines and opening new treasures for art lovers from the roots of his private paradise.
He continues to create a miracle and everything that is presented in this book shows how the master has started and where his artistic quest is.

Levon Chukuzyan, art critic
Producer of the book "Vladimir Atanyan's Life and Art" 2009-2010, Yerevan - Los Angeles

Talking about the bright colors and imaginary images of Atanian, Dr. Artem Harutyunyan writes, "Atanian opens our hometown's tricolor drama" and another critic, Richard Nathan, compares his works with Bulgakov and Marquez's "magic realism."
Many of his designs have become an inseparable part of Yerevan. Ani hotel interior, memorial Zeytun district, "Vard" fountain in Nork massage, fountain with constellations in the Moscow Cinema Square.

Satenik Ashikyan, journalist
"Musa" magazine, N 29, 2006, Los Angeles

The painter, sculptor and sculptor Vladimir Atanyan, who creates in the fields of painting, monumental art, has left a country whose capital has made a significant contribution to the formation of architectural environment and artistic atmosphere in monumental monuments, interiors of many buildings and exterior art in Armenian art.

Ruzan Zakaryan, Journalist:
The article "Non-material world of a painter"

Atanian is one of the main factors in the artistic scene when working in the field of fine arts. It is his expression, emotions and content. Her artistic works are amazed by the diversity of topics, the diversity of decorative and psychological problems, the bravery of decorative and psychological solutions, the conventional image. In the multifaceted creative activity of this master, the effects of traditional national art and contemporary art and their mix are seen.

Poghos Haytayan, art critic
An article by Vladimir Atanyan, 1991

This photo depicts several episodes from one of the newest resting places in the capital, Zeytun. The authors include the laureate of the USSR State Prize, honored architect Eduard Safaryan, architect Albert Kazhoyan. The painter is Vladimir Atanyan.

"Voice of Homeland" May 22, 1985, Yerevan

It is accepted that the artist's livelihood is also reflected in his works. V. In the case of Atanian, when perfectionism and emotions join flawless perfection, his works become invaluable and distinguish Atanian's art as an incomparable artist.
Brett K. Mali, art critic,
Las Vegas, Director of Artificial Galleria, 2006

Some Armenian artists left their weighty reputation in the homeland here, in the United States.
Immediate influence with Vladimir Atanyan's works is sensual, movement in different directions, light and shadow, positive and negative. Then they come up with characters, romance, mystery, controversy, humor. His sculptural sensual character, the Cubist structure, proves that he is a true master of painting and sculpture.

Antoinette Suleva, art critic
Director of the Audience Visitor Booklet In 2007, California

The designs of Vladimir Atanyan's art, in particular, the monumental designs, are strikingly attractive to over 30 public buildings, Dvin and Ani hotels, a fountain in front of Moscow cinema, and a fountain of Nor Nork mass. They are one of the most prominent examples of Armenian art.

Gagik Manasyan, journalist
"Culture" newspaper "Return to Armenia" article June 11, 2003, page 5, Yerevan

It's worth remembering Atanian's works both in the Homeland and the US. It is worth mentioning that the fountain band of Aznavour square, the Zeituntsy's tuff-sculpture, the Goran's sculpture, and so on are worth mentioning. Real happiness is communicated with his sensual world. The style of "magic realism" is characterized by famous art critics Richard Nathan, Antoinette Sulevan.

Naira Mnatsakanyan, journalist
Narcissus magazine, March 3, 2010, page 100, Yerevan

Vladimir Atanyan's art is right that he does not obey the word, but you definitely want to tell about it. It is a monumental sculpture and pottery, painting and collage, mosaics and design. It is the depth of the thought, it is a unique style created with the mastery of the master and talent.

Nina Yefimova, journalist,
"We and America" Russian newspaper, August 21, page 25

Vladimir Atanyan has found his truth in art in the value of his own pain and has taken away many corners of the world like his own cross, making it not only national, but universal.
Sona Van, poetess,
"Color of Love" article "New Armenia"

September 23, 1995, page 7

Atanyan has created his world of art, the world that is warm and warm, the world that reminisces rare dreams from which you do not want to divorce.
Atanian's character, besides talent, is his infinite diligence. Perhaps this is the reason why he has perfectly shown himself in all aspects of fine arts. Atanian's wide range of interests and diversity of art are the sculpture

of the "Goran" monument at Moscow Cinema, the fountain-hall of the "Armenian lifestyle" fountain-decorating the cinema square.

Vardan Vardanyan, art critic,
"New Day" March 17, 1998, p. 9, Los Angeles 









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