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"Vladimir Atanyan" exhibition catalog
Publishing House of Artists of Armenia:
Prologue by Poghos Haytayan, p. 24-27, 60, 1986, Yerevan

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C. Kochinyan, January 3, 1987, Yerevan

Public Television of Armenia: "Out of Yerevan is Yerevan" At the "Atatürk's Exhibition" TV program
People's Artist Hakob Hakobyan participated in the program March 9, 1987, at 20.30 Yerevan

"Evening in Yerevan" cultural life "Meeting after the exhibition" M. Muradyan, 19 September 1988, Yerevan

The Armenian obsessed "Atanyan's exhibition this week" quoted the article Art critic Shahen Khachatryan, March 21, 1990, Los Angeles

Armenian Concise Encyclopedia 1990, Volume 1, Armenia

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The materials of artists Marina Stepanyan and Poghos Haytayan are included. 1992, Yerevan

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The materials of Vilena Mkrtchyan, Poghos Haytayan and Marina Stepanyan are included. 1992, Moscow

The Armenian Art Acedade, 1994, Canada

Poghos Haytayan, President of the Union, acknowledges the official character of the Union of Artists of Armenia
May 14, 1996, page 157, page 1, Yerevan

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July 13, 1996, Los Angeles

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November 26, 1998, Los Angeles

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Elegant, 2004, Las Vegas

Finishing Touches, 2005, Las Vegas

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page 16, August 25, 2006, Yerevan

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Hovhannes Yeranyan, August 30, 2006, Los Angeles

"Asbarez" "Atanian Art Center is 15 years old"

Naira Pelekyan, page 7
June 3, 2008, Los Angeles

"Vladimir Atanyan's life and activity" biographical, the materials of which are taken from official data and documents
Naira Mnatsakanyan, page 1, June 2009, Los Angeles

"Narcissia" section Fine Arts "Vladimir Atanyan" "Identify a Man" page 100, March 2010, Yerevan

"Vladimir Atanyan" "Art and Life"
240-page colorful book, printing AAA and Pacaband Corps. The prelate is Levon Zukazyan, pages 14, 222-225, 244, 255 June 2010, Los Angeles

and other editions 








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